This week, in addition to the regular Tues prayer requests, I'm praying for:

Sis C, who is one of very few young ladies I know who joined the church as a teenager, went through college without backsliding, and is now on fire for the Lord. I love what few opportunities I've had to hang out or go shopping with her (though I feel kinda old) because she's got such a sweet spirit. I'm praying that the Lord keeps her and never lets the world distract her, deceive her, or choke out the Word.

I'm also praying for this little church in Tooele Utah. When I was out at Dugway for a bio test, I went to a variety of churches, trying to find a good ministry.. No success, though I enjoyed talking with the army chaplain there at Dugway. He felt the Lord was revealing to him that the gifts of the Spirit, his congregation just didn't have the right "feel" to me. I did not care for the chapel's "Holy Ghost Filled Service" but on reflection, that may have been because I got rebuked for not jumping on their bandwagon (you all know me- I'm very cautious about anyone saying they're of the Spirit or they're evangelist so and so). Regardless of his congregations attitude towards me, in talking to him, I sensed sincerity and a genuine desire to follow the Lord's will. So I guess I'll pray for the chaplain who used to be at Dugway too.

Ok, back to the church.... After a few weeks of not finding a church, I was getting discouraged b/c the ones I found a) didn't want "me" b) were not "Holy Ghost Filled" or c) were all about unity across all faiths. Then I stumbled across this little church (Yikes, I forgot the name- it's back home in Alabama). The pastor and her husband welcomed me warmly, as did the membership. They believed in the Bible, and believed that the promise of the Father (that is, the Holy Ghost) is for us today and prayed fervently for His healings, miracles, and blessings to be manifest. How rare it is for churches today to believe in the baptism of the Holy Ghost and gifts of the Spirit!!! I hope the Lord blesses and keeps that little church, and sends them a revival like in the Bible days!