I rediscovered this list the other day. Yeesh. This is what happens when someone who's never had kids comes up with what kind of mom they're going to be. I guess the problem is, you never realize how exhausting parenting is until you become one! I started this list a few years ago when I watched my friend by pom-poms for her girls so they could pretend to be cheerleaders. We had JUST had a discussion about how she had been saying no for months on this because she (like me) didn't agree with cheer leading as an activity for her holy little girls. After all what are most cheerleaders but a "good time" for the football team...? What kinds of moves do they make and what kinds of signals do they send out... But her girls had worn her down. And now that I'm a mom, I realize that you just get tired of fighting. Well, I am still working on most of these, but a few have long since gone out the window...

  1. My kids will be taught to serve the Lord and eschew things that are not pleasing to Him. Enough with this "let them choose" stuff... SOMEBODY is teaching our children how to live, and if it's not us it will be the world. My kids are more than welcome to choose whatever life they want and serve whatever god they want or don't want... once they move out, get a job, and buy their own toilet paper!
  2. My kids will learn how to be still in church, not get in grown folks business, and know their place, even if it means incorporating unpopular parenting methods. Lord deliver me from all these parenting gurus who's kids haven't even graduated from high school. And all these people whose kids ARE graduating, are strung out on drugs, taking advantage of their parents, and making everyone miserable yet they feel compelled to tell me how they did it. I'm not interested in raising a gang-banging baby-momma wayward, thank you very much.
  3. My kids will learn about other cultures and I will do my best to ensure they have an appreciation for the blessings we have here in the USA. One of the greatest shocks of moving to the United States as a high school junior (my parents were military brats) was how arrogant and rude my peers were. They took so much for granted and did not appreciate our freedoms and conveniences. I guess going to elementary school in a country where stores are only open from 7am-11am and then from 1 pm til 6pm has an effect on you. And listening to high school and college peers who think nothing of running up their parents credit cards "oh, they'll find a way to pay it off," made me realize that I don't want my kids growing up with the "traditional American mindset." Though my career does not let itself to rearing my kids overseas, I will certainly put them in contact with those less fortunate to (hopefully) generate in them an appreciation for how the Lord has blessed us.
  4. My kids will not be slaves to fashion and labels, but I will keep them good looking and teach them what flatters their individual bodies This may apply more if I have girls than if I have boys, but still... my mom was always very fashionable. I never really cared. Now I know it's more important than I realized growing up. And I've also discovered that everyone's shape interacts differently with the popular styles so I intend to teach my children how to flatter themselves when choosing outfits... And enforcing proper outfits should I be stuck with a dud like me who doesn't care (thanks mom).
  5. My kids will never wear logo-wear from characters/tv/books/etc that are ungodly or are inconsistent with my values. I refuse to fund unrighteousness... never minding the fact that everything we do nowadays ultimately funds unrighteousness... but I'm not going to consciously make that decision.
  6. My kids will be independent and able to take care of themselves upon graduation, just like my Mom taught me.Of course, they'll be welcome to stay at home as long as they abide by the rules. But if they're anything like me and my husband, be too eager to leave :-)
  7. My kids will never bring the lamest game to the party Yes I have a complex about this. No, it is not my mom's fault. Maybe if I had told her about the parties, she would have helped me get an appropriate gift. I always forgot to tell her and then scrambled at the last minute while she was at work to make or come up with something.
  8. My kids will not temper-tantrum me into giving them their way in public (at the store, restaurant, etc). I will not buy them something just to keep them quite.I hate to see this: Stop crying and I'll give you a candy bar... I refuse to reward bad behavior, and wish society would allow a firm pat on the behind instead of forcing parents into bribery mode!
  9. My kids will not guilt trip me into letting them do something because "everyone else does."Everyone else doesn't live here. I don't pay everyone else's bills. Everyone else has a miserable life, and I don't want that for you. Besides, I couldn't do what everyone else did, and I'm doing a lot better than most of my friends.
  10. It's OUR way or the highway.I may not say "18 and out the door" like my parents did, but I'm not going to tolerate live-in adult children who refuse to respect my household. And not only that, I hated when my mom used to say this but I now believe it's true (hence the emphasis on OUR): My husband, not my kids, is my first priority. He'll be with me when the kids are grown and gone. Therefore, I will side with him before the kids. And if they don't like it, they can see rule #1.