The below post is from Transparent Christian magazine (NO I haven't read enough of this website to have an opinion- just giving credit where credit is due)

I'm posting it because it reminds me greatly of what my post, "More Thankfulness," about my son's trip to the hospital.

Faces of Love, by Jason Elkins

My friend Leslie Face is a single mother of two autistic children. She recently opened a facility to offer hope and support to parents of special needs children, and offer programs and therapy for their kids. I wanted to share a piece of a conversation that we had the other day.

Before her children were born, Leslie was a paramedic. Dealing with death on a regular basis gave her a real appreciation for life. If she was helping with a fatality, she would often think about the final words this person spoke to their loved ones. She said “Jason, I’m sure that person didn’t think, oh, I’m going to get in a car accident and die at lunch today so I better tell my family I love them one more time”. Leslie admitted that it was kind of a morbid thought but these mental exercises helped her manage these tough moments. Then she said something that stopped my breath.

“I was thinking about some of the odd blessings of autism, and there’s not that many. (She Smiled). If I happen to be one of those people IN that car accident, my kids and I have already said everything that needs to be said.”

You see… Leslie’s youngest son doesn’t talk (at all) and her oldest has a limited vocabulary. As a family, they have to say everything, even I love you by their actions.

This conversation was a great reminder for me to show my family how much I care about them. 1 John 3:18 says Little children, let us not love with word or with tongue, but in deed and truth.

May you be reminded too.