A friend just asked me how we got out of debt. Here was my response:

Regarding debt, we got out of debt through a budget. And holding to that budget, no matter how many times someone tried to guilt trip us about being officers and making more than everyone else (so we should pay their way on trips, give more in the offering, etc). We gave tithes and offerings, and only ate out during meetings (unless someone else offered to take us out). Lots of beans, potatoes, and homemade pasta. All money above bills and church went to the debt for 2 years. I had quite a racket at the base thrift store to earn extra spending cash (I would scour yard sales and freebie bins for stuff, then turn around and sell them cheap at the thrift store). That’s it. Seriously.
I suppose I should have told her that for the first 6 months my husband had no intention of getting out of debt. After all, he and his friends would say, "Jesus could come back tonight and I would have wasted all that money paying off debts when I could have enjoyed it." Then, the Lord heard my prayer and his pastor at the time (Elder Charles Robinson) began preaching heavily about a budget. So for the next year and a half or so, we both put our money into paying off the debt. And by the time we finally got stationed together, we were completely out of debt.