It's been a long day, and I was really in a grumpy mood when I finally got home. But, after sitting at home, checking email on my wireless, eating some caramel cremes, in my luxury apartment filled with old books and pretty decor I am struck by how blessed I truly am.

  1. Some people don't have email. Some countries don't have wireless.
  2. I bet the folks in Afghanistan don't have caramel cremes- unless some American GI provided them with a few.
  3. My luxury is white crown railing, a duck pond with fountain, and valet trash. In other countries, luxury is an extra pair of shoes, more than one horse, knowing where your next meal comes from, and not worrying about getting caught in crossfire.
  4. Old books? In some countries, people don't have TIME for such useless things has books- they are too busy trying to stay alive. I know, because I've visited them on the missions field.

I can sit here, reflecting on 9-11, knowing that my one little "war story" involved no real combat, and talking to my peers, it now pales in comparison of the killing they did. I thank God, praise God, that my mind has not been ravaged by the insanity of war, that my limbs are intact, and that my Peanut still has a mother.

Rather than complain about the job, I'm thankful I have a job to go to.
Rather than complain that my feet hurt, I'm thankful that I have feet capable of running for an hour and then moving boxes all day.
Rather than gripe at my son having a meltdown, I'm thankful that he exists. That I'm not a mother whose child disappeared that fateful day when a terrorist took out the Pentagon Child Development Center.

We have a lot to be thankful for. And a lot to remember. So please visit the following links to join me in honoring the immediate victims of 9-11. Please also never forget that we are a nation at war, and many are making the ultimate sacrifice every day that you and I might have our freedoms:

List of All Victims
Complete List of Victims

Lists broken down by flight/building:
World Trade Center
American Airlines Flight 11
United Airlines Flight 175
Pentagon (view bios on DefendAmerica)
American Airlines Flight 77
United Airlines Flight 93
Stories of Survivors

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