Ari Ne'eman has always impressed me. From the time I first watched him, as a high-schooler, create a national-level organization to support those with ASDs, to the time he somehow got me (who had never been involved in government and was quaking in my shoes) to testify before the MD House in Annapolis. This kid is a dynamo.

Now, President Obama has nominated him as a member of the Council on Disability. This, I hear, makes Ari the youngest (21) nominee of Obama's administration. Ari will bring a unique perspective to the Council. I will admit to being a bit concerned about his lack of real world life experience (or for youse-guys, "street-cred") and his occasional lapses in understanding/appreciation for those on the lower end of the spectrum. Nonetheless, Ari is a great example to our Autistic youth- he has shown that one can learn what it takes to overcome the social and sensory difficulties associated w/autism, and rise up to do great things.

Way to go, Ari! You Da Man! But remember: use your superpowers for good, not evil, LOL! Remember those on the far end of the spectrum who not only need the respect and dignity for which you advocate, but also need a little more assistance than you and other HFAs you work with.

Here's the link to the official announcement: