Last year was a year I skipped my annual Mother’s day post. I was moving in a hurry (landlord sold the house) and traveling a lot for the job and, honestly, there is very little I remember about Mother’s Day last year. I remember that the lady who rang up my mother’s day card laughed at me for sending out so many cards. I don’t remember who all I sent cards to last year, but I do remember her laughing that most of those folks I was buying for probably don’t give me a second thought and she wondered if I was just wasting my money.


That was rude.

I was too busy to care about her words at the time. I didn’t let it affect me. I was finally climbing out of the biggest financial hole I’d ever seen and I wasn’t gonna have this lady rain on my parade.

But this year I thought about it.

You see, the Lord has been dealing with me about giving Him the lame, the sick, the worst part of me. He especially caught me the other night when I was about to play Angry Birds after telling myself I was too tired to study my Word beyond the 10 minutes I’d put in. Over in Malachi 1:7-14 God upbraids Israel for giving him their sick and lame animals for offering. Not only did they offer God the worst animals from their flock, but then they had the nerve to dog out the church for only having ratty stuff.

How often do we, as parents, give our child (and our spouse) the leftovers of our lives? How often do we give ALL of ourselves to our jobs, or the ladies from church, or the millions of things we volunteer for but then have nothing left to give those closest to us? How often do we make a big show of mailing out cards and gifts and such but never actually connect with those closest to us??

Instead of giving those closest to us the BEST of us, we give them our tiredness, our irritability after a long day, our crankiness because we’re all SPENT UP giving and doing for others. My son already saw this in his workaholic mother and pointed it out to me unaware of the profound words he was speaking. I had picked him up from daycare at 6pm (the last kid, as usual) and told him we needed to go back to work so mommy could finish some things (as usual). He asked me, quite matter-of-factly, “Why Mommy? Why do we have to go to your work? Why didn’t you get your work done during work time?”

It was like he punched me in the gut. Why, indeed? His bedtime was 8:30. Why must I insist on giving all of his daylight hours to my job? Why not take him home, cook for him play with him, and love on him like he deserves. Wasn’t I the one who cried out in prayer to God for this kid for 8 years and through 3 miscarriages??? Yet I couldn’t spend 2 hours on him each night?? Who (or what) was getting my strength? Certainly not the little bundle of joy God blessed me with.

We do this to our families… and then as our children grow we wonder why they don’t want us anymore. Why they don’t appreciate us. Why they don’t seem to love us and acknowledge how hard we worked to take care of them. We don’t see that from their perspective everyone else got the best side of mom or dad. We don’t see that from their perspective, all they got was the dregs. When I made up my mind to start giving my son the best of me, not the dregs, I was rewarded improved behavior at school (14 months of no calls by the school principle) and a happy, on fire for God kid.

And we do the same thing to God. We give our best strength to other things and other people all day long. Then we fall into bed at night, say a hasty prayer and hope God’s grace will sufficiently cover and bless us the next day. And we, like the Israelites, grumble and complain that this church life is going nowhere when all we look around and see are sick and lame offerings.

I want to encourage all the supermoms out there to put the best of their time and the best of their energy to those things which matter most. To prioritize your life and then ask if what you’re about to do is the best use of your energy in achieving those priorities. To all you moms who are working hard to balance life, work, and family, my hats (all 20 of ‘em) are off to you.

Happy Mother’s Day Supermom!

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